Michigan School District Collective Bargaining Agreements

This database contains PDF copies of each Michigan district’s collective bargaining agreements for teachers, bus drivers, aides, office staff and other employees. Union contracts spell out not just salaries and benefits, but also information about class size, employee evaluations, school calendars, and more.

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Lansing Public School District

Unions Positions Expiration ↓ Download
LAES Office 6/30/2018 33020_2018-06-30_LAES_O_(LOA).pdf (Letter of Agreement)
LEA Professional 8/15/2016 33020_2016-08-15_LEA_P_(TA).pdf (Tentative Agreement)
LSEA Teachers 8/15/2016 33020_2016-08-15_LSEA_E_(TA).pdf (Tentative Agreement)
AFSCME Custodial and Food 6/30/2016 33020_2016-06-30_AFSCME_FC_(LOA).pdf (Letter of Agreement)
AFSCME Transportation 6/30/2016 33020_2016-06-30_AFSCME_T_(LOA).pdf (Letter of Agreement)
AFSCME Custodial and Food 6/30/2013 33020_2013-06-30_AFSCME_CF.pdf
AFSCME Transportation 6/30/2013 33020_2013-06-30_AFSCME_T.pdf
FOP Other staff 6/30/2013 33020_2013-06-30_FOP_X.pdf
LAES Office 6/30/2013 33020_2013-06-30_LAES_O.pdf
LASA Administration 6/30/2013 33020_2013-06-30_LASA_A_(TA).pdf (Tentative Agreement)
LASA Professional and Other staff 6/30/2013 33020_2013-06-30_LASA_PX.pdf
LEA Professional 6/30/2013 33020_2013-06-30_LEA_P.pdf
LSEA Teachers 6/30/2013 33020_2013-06-30_LSEA_E.pdf
SSO Office 6/30/2013 33020_2013-06-30_SSO_O.pdf
FCMDSU Custodial and Food 6/30/2012 33020_2012-06-30_FCMDSU_FC.pdf
FSCMD Custodial and Food 6/30/2012 33020_2012-06-30_FSCMD_FC.pdf
LAES Office 6/30/2012 33020_2012-06-30_LAES_O.pdf
LASA Professional 6/30/2012 33020_2012-06-30_LASA_P.pdf
LEA Professional 6/30/2012 33020_2012-06-30_LEA_P.pdf
LSEA Teachers 6/30/2012 33020_2012-06-30_LSEA_E.pdf
LST Transportation 6/30/2012 33020_2012-06-30_LST_T.pdf
LSEA Teachers 6/30/2011 33020_2011-06-30_LSEA_E.pdf
AFSCME & AFL-CIO Transportation 8/31/2010 33020_2010-08-31_AFSCME_AFL-CIO_T.pdf
LEA & MEA Professional 8/15/2010 33020_2010-08-15_LEA_MEA_P.pdf
LESA Teachers and Other staff 8/15/2010 33020_2010-8-15_LESA_E_X.pdf
LAES & Teamsters Office 6/30/2010 33020_2010-06-30_LAES_Teamsters_O.pdf
LASA Professional 6/30/2010 33020_2010-06-30_LASA_P.pdf
LSEA Teachers and Other staff 7/31/2009 33020_2009-07-31_LSEA_E_X.pdf
AFSCME & AFL-CIO Custodial and Food 8/31/2008 33020_2008-08-31_AFSCME_AFL-CIO_F_C.pdf
AFSCME & AFL-CIO Transportation 8/31/2008 33020_2008-08-31_AFSCME_AFL-CIO_T.pdf
AFSCME Other staff 6/30/2008 33020_2008-06-30_AFSCME_X.pdf
LASA Other staff 6/30/2008 33020_2008-06-30_LASA_X.pdf
LEA & MEA Professional 8/15/2007 33020_2007-08-15_LEA_MEA_P.pdf
AFSCME & AFL-CIO Transportation 8/31/2005 33020_2005-08-31_AFSCME_AFL-CIO_T.pdf

The Mackinac Center for Public Policy works to update this database in a timely fashion. We invite school districts to assist us by sending copies of new collective bargaining agreements, or links to those agreements, to admin@educationreport.org.

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